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Hey! I'm using your NicoPaint font as part a small commercial project of mine. I really like this font! I'd like to know if you had a license and if this is okay with you :D

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Thank You so much ! nicoclean is one of my fave fonts and its currently being used in my game :D i will let you know when it comes out C:


Thank you for the kind words! Glad you like it, and hope your project goes well!

Thanks so much!

You're welcome! :)

This would be a really fun project to watch slowly grow an extended character set. It's just so cute!

Appreciate the encouragement!! Hope to expand this gradually over time. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you have any pointers or requests! :)

I love these, especially Nikopups! Is there any chance of the addition of Latin / Cyrillic characters? I would pay a premium for a version with those!

Thanks so much!! Sure thing, I'll work on those and post an update. Do you mean these characters? Feel free to send me any other characters or unicode blocks that you need.

Yes, those characters are correct! I think that's all of them